CCHR Coordinator joins IBA's press conference on judicial laws together with Ms. Knaul, UNSR (L) and Ms. Nadia, IBA's Lawyer (M) on 15 July 2014

CCHR Project Coordinator provides key analysis on judicial draft laws to CSOs on 9 July 2014

Meeting between CCHR and Court of Appeal on Fair Trial Rights Annual Report on 5 June 2014

TMP Project Coordinator joins CSOs workshop on judicial draft laws analysis on 26 June 2014

The Meeting Between CCHR and Ministry of Justice​ of Cambodia on Fair Trail Rights and Legal Reform Dated 23 January 2014.

The Meeting Between CCHR and Bar Association of Cambodia on Fair Trial Rights and Legal Reform dated 16 January 2014.

Trial Monitoring Project provided a workshop on Fair Trial Rights to students at Build Bright University on 13 December 2013.

Trial Monitoring Project provided a workshop on Fair Trial Rights to students at Norton University on 06 December 2013.

TMP's staff hands over 3 posters on the rights of the accused to Mr. Bun Savath (Chief of the Court of Appeal's Clerk)on 24 October 2013.

The Meeting between CCHR's TMP and H.E. Chan Mono (General Director of Administration of Ministry of Justice) on 25 September 2013.


What is the Cambodian Center for Human Rights?

The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-political, independent, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia. For more information, please visit: www.cchrcambodia.org.

What is the Cambodian Center for Human Rights doing today for the promotion and protection of human rights?

Today, the Cambodian Center for Human Right is involved on a broad scope of issues related to human rights including freedom of Expression and Assembly, land rights, fair trial rights, right to life, minorities rights, human rights defenders and the state of democracy in Cambodia through 7 ongoing projects including Trial Monitoring Project.

What is the Trial Monitoring Project?

The Trial Monitoring Project was created in August 2009 to monitor trials related to criminal justice in Cambodia in order to assess their conformity with international law and Cambodian fair trial standards and to use the findings to improve the respect for fair trial rights through an increased cooperation and dialogue with the judicial stakeholders. 


What courts are monitored by the Trial Monitoring Project?

From August 2009 to the end of 2012, the Project was focusing on the Phnom Penh Capital Court of First Instance, Kandal, Banteay Meanchey and Rattanakiri Provincial Courts. From March 2013, with a view to assess how fair trial rights standards are implemented on a higher level, the Project has started to monitor the Phnom Penh Court of Appeal.  


What is the Trial Monitoring Database?

To date, the Trial Monitoring Database (the “Database”) contains data collected from 1,722 trials in Phnom Penh Court, 505 trials in the Kandal Province Court, 252 trials in the Banteay Meanchey Provincial Court and 65 trials in the Ratanakiri Provincial Court, and 14 other trials related to human trafficking and high profile cases in the Courts of First Instance throughout Cambodia. Data collected at the Court of Appeal will be recorded in another purposely-designed database. This database is open to the public and does not contain sensitive information. The database provides the public with all the information collected by CCHR related to trial monitoring and allows any visitors to search information according to their needs using simple or complex research tools.

How are the data collected?

All the information contained in the Database was collected directly by our professional staff composed by lawyers, who attended randomly and on a daily basis, trials in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, in the Kandal, Banteay Meanchey and Rattanakiri Provincial Courts, and in the Court of Appeal. The data are collected through a tailor-made checklist including approximately 70 questions, covering all the issues related to the rights of the accused and the deontology/code of conduct of the judges.

What is a fair trial right?

The right to a fair trial is specifically defined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as the right of every person accused of a crime to receive a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial tribunal established by law. In practice, the Cambodian courts are seen to be non-independent, incompetent and biased. The courts are considered to be under political control, with the executive branch dominating the legislature and the judiciary. These problems need to be resolved to improve the fairness and efficiency of trials in Cambodia.

What are the existing key national legal norms related to fair trial rights and the independence of the judiciary?

What are the main international references related to fair trial rights and the independence of the judiciary?

Can I use information from the database for my own researches and publications?

All data provided on the Cambodian Trial Monitoring Database are available free of charge and may be copied freely, duplicated and further distributed provided that CCHR and the Cambodian Trial Monitoring Database is cited as the reference. Please see Terms and Conditions.

What is the difference between basic and advanced search?

The tool "basic search" allows to research information based on one basic criteria, and provides an overview of the information available.
The "advanced search" is a more complex tool providing multi-criteria entries, allowing the researcher to access to a very precise information related to a specific court, a specific date and a specific issue within the trial monitoring process.
CCHR recommends to researchers who want to get familiar with the database or who wish to have an overview of the information targeted to use first the tool basic search. Once familiar with this tool, the researcher will be able to use efficiently the advanced search tool.

Can I put a link to the database on my website/blog?

Every visitor whishing to add a link to the database on their website/blog are allowed to create this link but must inform CCHR prior to any initiatives at info@cchrcambodia.org.

I have experienced a problem while using the database, who shall I contact?

For any assistance, on-line support, please kindly sent an e-mail to info@cchrcambodia.org. Our staff will provide you with an answer as timely manner.

Key Trial Monitoring Statistics

Total Number of Monitored Trials at Each Court

RP: Reporting Period
C: Court
PP: Phnom Penh
KD: Kandal
BTC: Banteay Meanchey

RTK: Ratanakiri
T: Total
Fel: Felony
Mis: Misdemeanor
Pet: Petty Offense

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